[PAIG-PACC] Forthcoming African Forum on Chemical safety and security

02 Styczeń 2016


Please look on details at www.chemss2016.org


If you need more information please contact Mr. Stephano Sambali, Chemical Industry Coordinator, the Polish-African Chamber of Industry and Commerce; e-mail: stevesambali@gmail.com, phone: +48 50 35 35 735 or Mr. Adam Paturej, ICCSS business developer, e-mail: a.paturej@iccss.eu; phone: +48 66 24 05 814, on any issue concerning the preparations and program of the information meeting and the African Forum.


We look forward to welcoming you at the information meeting and working with you and your chemical industry, academic and business community to make the African Forum and the Summit a true success, for the benefit of all.

Website of International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security: www.iccss.eu